The Resources

Learn more about using math prep resources with your students.

About Me

I created the resources for because I love math! Math is a subject that has always been easy for me, and I enjoy helping students learn math skills too! I have tutored students in various levels of math for many years, and now focus primarily on ACT math prep.

The ACT is an important test for many students. Thus, many schools are providing ACT Prep classes for the students (which is great!), but teachers are often already loaded down with their regular class tasks.

That's where I want to help. I have created lots of math resources, including a 9 week Math ACT Prep Curriculum, that will help teachers provide a great math review for their students in preparation for the ACT. I've done the work of reviewing ACT tests, working up examples, and putting it all together. I want to help teachers do their very best for their students.

I hope to connect with many teachers in this journey and provide the resources you need. Let me help you prepare students for the ACT math section today!