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9 Week Math ACT Prep Curriculum

Math ACT Prep in the Classroom

Are you leading an ACT Prep class? Do you need to incorporate more ACT Prep in your regular math class? Save yourself hours of work creating a math ACT Prep curriculum.

What's in this curriculum?

This curriculum was developed as a 9 week course for Math ACT Prep. It can be used as a stand-alone course or as supplemental material to work into any mathematics course to assist students as they are preparing for the ACT.

I have created a full 9 week curriculum that includes lesson plans, bell ringer activities, review slides, guided notes, ACT-type practice questions, practice activities, and exit tickets all centered around the math content most often seen on the ACT.

What units does this curriculum contain?

The units in this curriculum match ACT documentation for reporting categories. The material covered in this curriculum is, in my experience as an ACT Prep instructor, the topics seen most often on the ACT. These units will be updated as needed based on future testings.

Included Units:

  1. Introduction
  2. Integrating Essential Skills
  3. Number & Quantity
  4. Algebra
  5. Functions
  6. Geometry
  7. Statistics & Probability
  8. Course Review

Plus, as a BONUS, you will receive my 5-A-Day ACT Prep Skills - 4 weeks of material that can be used as the instructor desires.

Help students prepare to do their best on the math section of the ACT!

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