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6 Week Math Prep Workbook

Over the years, I have found that one of the best ways students can prepare for the math section of the ACT is to practice math material a little every day leading up to the test. 6 weeks before the test is usually a very good time to start. This gives enough time for the students to work a little each day, without cramming, so that they can retain the material better.

This is why I developed my 6 Week Math Prep Workbook. Students can take this book and work on their own or an instructor can use to guide them along the way. There are over 132 ACT-type questions in this workbook. Practice is a key in boosting student confidence on this test and helping the student to perform their best!

Here are some of the features...

  • 5 daily lessons per week
  • Review basic skills every lesson
  • Work over 20 ACT-type questions each week...plus recommendations for more
  • Daily tips
  • Math keyword reviews

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Do you offer the 6 Week Math Prep Workbook in digital form? Yes! You can purchase a digital version (.pdf) of the workbook here.

Do you offer special discounts when purchasing multiple printed workbooks? Yes! Contact me at contact@teachmathwithme.com. Let me know how many workbooks you are interested in, and I will give you a quote.

Are the solutions included? Yes! Step-by-step solutions are included for most all of the questions in the workbook.

What math topics are reviewed in this workbook? Because the ACT covers math up to Algebra 2, the topics covered range from Pre-Algebra up through Algebra 2 (with trig), including Geometry.